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C# Web Application Developer / Architect
Web-Site and Applications Development, with Databases and System Architechture;
using C# ASP.net Core, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, JSON and T-SQL with EF 5/Core, Azure Cloud.
Preferred locations central London / South East England.

Avask Accounting and Business Consultants Ltd. Aug 2020 – Feb 2021 (Contract 6 months)

Avask - Software is part of a group of companies involved in international Accounting practices, specialising in VAT and servicing small start-up internet market sellers.

Technology Used

The codebase comprises C# dotnet 5, dotnet code 2.1 and 3.2; alongside Blazor Server and Blazor (WASM) Client. Running on an Azure cloud-based server, with Azure Service Bus using Azure Functions. I developed a separate Blazor stand-alone Test-Bed to test modules prior to release to production. The OAuth 2.0 triple hand-shake process for various External API’s was tested end-to-end using the Test-Bed. Extensive use of data models was used to provide data-sets accessed by LINQ processes, supporting a pure No-SQL environment.

External Web-API’s Handlers

Write a number of API handlers from various external API’s, and integrate into an Azure Function Service Bus system. Using both REST and SOAP interfaces, incorporating exponential retry and wait paradigms with Authorisation Bearer Tokens and Token refresh automated mechanisms implementation. Interfacing to UK Companies House, European VIES checker, International Credit-Safe Company information provider, HMRC MTD-VAT, eBay, PayPal, Shopify, Cdiscount and Sage-Accounts endpoints.

Azure Service-Bus Document Parsers

For the purpose of AML and VAT customer on-boarding, scanned documents had to be parsed to determine correctness and extract relevant data to enable this aspect of the companies BAU. The documents read by Microsofts OCR product and then parsed, were ‘China ID Card’, ‘USA ID Card’, ‘Euro Driving License’, ‘VAT Avask Reg Letter’, and ‘VAT HMRC Registration Letter’. Other documents scanned and parsed include ‘Amazon Commingling Invoices’, Europe wide.

Samples of Documentation: 'eBay/PayPal API-Services', 'eBay Plus API', 'Euro Driving License Scans', 'Document Upload Parser'.

Acute Art (Contract 2 months)

Web-sites acuteart.com; and prototype (on Azure).

Acute Art is a company engaged in the production, display and sales of Artistic Images, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. I worked remotely with video-meetings and work review documents.

Replacement Web-Site

The company’s recently commissioned web-site using Word-Press and Woo-Commerce was deemed not fit for purpose. I was engaged to provide a ASP.net core replacement, using ASP.net Core 3.1 Razor Pages. Azure Dev/Pro code repository, with CI/CD to Azure Web-sites. I used ‘screen scraping’ on current WP web-site, with extensive set of data models, Entity Attribute and Metadata tables. The ‘Stripe’ card payments system, using web-hooks and Checkout; including Web-API controllers and Micro-Service modules. Extensive support documents of design, data-models and flowcharts, producing a fully functionalweb-site to be finished off by the permanent staff.

Artwork Edition Sales and Tranche Releasing

Web-pages for the release of Artwork Numbered Editions and the purchase thereof; with some ‘special’ customer's pre-sales.

On-Site Artwork Edition Re-Sale Auctioning

Web-pages for re-sale of Numbered Editions to Customers. A timed auction spread over a few days with bids being collected and then reconciled at the end of the Auction, the Winning Bid was then processed. The reconciliation processing was a Midnight-Run web-API, Operating System Task; via Service module logic and payments processing.

Samples of Documentation: ‘Collection Web-Site Design’, ‘Edition Market and Bids’, ‘Market Auction Flowcharts’.

Stanley Davis Group (Contract 3 months)

Web-sites 'stanleydavis.co.uk/';

Questionnaire Sub-System (fixed-price contract)

See below for company description. I was asked by my former boss to create a prototype web-site using C# dotnet Core on the Azure cloud platform. To contain a Questionnaire sub-system; complete with Builder. To help convert their web-sites for Azure Cloud app-services. The delivered prototype web-site and supporting documentation, for the software department to help moving to the Azure Cloud services. Using C# ASP.net Core 3.0, Razor-Pages, EF Core 3.0 and Azure DevOps, Portal and SQL. View Documentation; Prototype web-site 'kbd2.azurewebsites.net'.

Fredrickson International Ltd. (Contract 18 months)

Web-Site 'fredpay.com/'.

'Fredrickson International Limited' aka 'Freds', is a debt collection agency, and part of the Lowell Group.
'Freds' is involved in the collection of outstanding debt of customers, for a number of clients. Initially using ASP.net C# MVC web-pages; then prior to closure, switched to maintenance of VB6, VB.net and SQL queries, with some C# MVC. Unit-Tests written in C#, along with BDD, DDD, BA and architectural design.


GDPR Assessment and Update

Involved in Investigation of new GDPR regulation requirements, specifically Data-Retention rule implementation.

I produced metrics of current database tables, with current data-dictionary usage and DPA regulation implementation; to modify to reflect GDPR requirements.
Responsible for design of augmented data-dictionary to support the expanded remit of the GDPR regarding Retention and Anonymisation.
The paradigm for data-retention was re-written for greater control of data and encompass the entire company data-set.
Sample of Documentation: View Documentation

CFE/AFE Phone Number Kill

To streamline the control structure for deleting phone numbers, including pending lists for the auto-dialler and SMS.

The sub-system process calls to handle these had a number of problems, spread over both VB6 DLL and VB.net DLLs; with duplications and variations. I merged the variations and moved functions to the VB.net DLL; adding routines to the DLLs without recompiling existing applications.
The consultations with stakeholders was fully supported by diagrams, showing the impact and envisioned solution; along with a document showing all impacted function calls in the entire code-base.
Samples of Documentation: View Document, View Diagrams

Fredpay alert message loop

Error in web-site logic caused incorrect display of alert-message. Discussed circumstance with reporter and derived correct logic. Modified web-page and supporting DLL to enact, using ASP.net MVC.

Stanley Davis Group (Permanent 20 months)

Web-site 'stanleydavis.co.uk/'.

Job title: Senior Software Developer/Architect. My duties also involved 3rd line support for our Users and Customer problems.

The Stanley Davis Group is mainly concerned with financial services, with over half of all the UK's Company Formations business, and a large part of UK and Ireland's Local Authority Property Search requests; also Company Secretary Support services and Over-seas Company management. Consolidated numerous legacy web-sites into new C# MVC web-site with updated back-end using EF. Re-engineered 'Property Search' system and intranet web-site.

Re-Architect existing 'Property Search' web-site, internal workflow intranet, and out-worker application.

Pick-up ancient code-base, circa 2004, and re-engineered internal and external processes and database, with a new intranet web-site.

I included the involvement of stakeholders in the design process to ensure a good fit to user requirements and business objectives, using RAD-SSADM techniques, over 4 cycles of design and deployment. The initially delivered system comprised C# coding in both MVC5 and Web-form styles depending on web-page usage, with some J-Query scripts to speed the user interface, along with extensive re-design of the database system, using SQL, LINQ and EF. Design process involved guided User Workflow process control to improve automation, coupled to 'Source-Model-Object' pattern use and State-Machines. The recording of state and user interaction,along with error messages, was a requirement.

I brought this project from conception, through Stakeholder reviews of Alpha and Beta releases, to final Initial Release V1.0 and then Pilot-run with 'Live' data and External users. The upgrade was well received by all stakeholders and users as a vast improvement.

Samples of Documentation:
View System Diagram, View Access Diagram, View Data Diagram, View Documentation.

Human Focus International Ltd. (Permanent 12 years)

Web-Site humanfocus.org.uk/CBTbyB/

I had worked for this company a number of times on a contract basis, before taking a permanent job. At the time they were a publisher of 'Health and Safety' training videos on CDs with associated pamphlets and software applications; but due to changing market conditions, new business dried up and existing customers were going to the competition. The web-site had over 250,000 registered users and was 'badged' by a number of related organisation to provide comprehensive H&S training, when I left.

I was tasked with creating an internet based training system that would comprise both on-line training and training management control. After some prototyping solutions and a market testing exercise, a web-application was created; this improved the company's fortunes and allowed then to expand in both terms of staff and associated revenue streams. I performed this work 'at home' with regular visits to the company's main premises, combined with weekly progress reports and tele-conf sessions.

The web-site started out as ASP with VBScript in 2004 on my web-server, before migrating to ASP.net using VB.net on a remote server, for the Initial release. This soon moved to C#.net and dual redundant servers with full video playback and interaction; a later version used some C#.net MVC web-pages. A smart-phone application was added later on, for which I did the initial feasibility study; but a team a developers from Pakistan did the 'Apps'.

Samples of Documentation:
View Certificate Screen-Shots, e-Label Document, Home Screen Shots, Trainee Status Document.

Multiple other Employers. (14 years of Contracts)